All RGP token holders can stake their tokens and earn up to xx% interest per year (APY)

Yield farming or "liquidity mining", allows liquidity providers to earn $RGP, in addition to their commission (or instead of commission). The $RGP token confers voting rights on the protocol development and, as well, is exchangeable for other tokens or digital currencies, so it has monetary value. To participate in Yield Farming, go to https://smartswap.rigelprotocol.com/farming.

Note : Currently, To Join any Pools will require you to Pay a small fee of 10 RGPs.

You will be directed to the page as shown below.

Press CONTROL+SHIFT+R simultaneously and wait it to refresh.

Connect your wallet as detailed on the below link:

Now, you are set.

On the page, click the unlock button, and approve your wallet...

After approving, click the plus(+) button to deposit tokens from your wallet to the yield farming balance. On the pop-up, enter the amount you would like to deposit then click confirm.

Your balance will be reflected in the yield farming interface, which is now active and farming.

You can harvest your earned tokens anytime or you can activate automatic weekly harvest by turning on the Auto Harvest button.

Your balance on yield farming can be withdrawn at any time. By clicking the unstake button under your yield farming balance, you will be able to confirm the withdrawal of your farming balance back to your wallet.

Video Tutorials

How to stake - https://youtu.be/TwfdOk38RwM‚Äč